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    Slot games are popular in the UK and many other parts of the world. For players who intend to play slots, the first step is to learn as much as you can about these excellent games. To help you out in this area, we have put together this detailed guide that provides all the essential information you need to know to boost your knowledge on online slots. When you are done reading, you can check out our extensive collection of slot games UK and play on either your mobile device or PC for real money.

    Why play Slots Games and is it safe to play them?

    Many individuals often have questions regarding the safety of Slot Games UK and the benefits of playing these games. This section provides answers to these questions to eliminate any concerns you may have.

    Are Online Slots legal to play in the UK?

    UK slot games are legal, and the UKGC also plays a role in ensuring that only licensed casinos operate within its jurisdiction. With casinos operating under strict guidelines, there is no issue with the legality of slot games in the UK.

    To assure players of the safety of the online slots, developers use Random Number Generators. These RNGs ensure that the slots are random, with no possibility of the casino taking advantage of players. Responsible gaming on online casinos is crucial among players to ensure they don't fall into a gambling addiction that may affect their daily lives.  Megaways Slots casino is a safe platform, regulated and licensed by the UKGC and third-parties to ensure that the safety of our players remains in the pinnacle.

    What are Online Slots and why play them?

    Slot games are casino games that feature reels that players can spin using a mechanical lever or digital button. Once a player spins the reels, the RNG in the slot game determines if the reels will form a winning pattern or not when they come to rest.

    In addition to being fun, you can play slot games online to win real money. This is what makes them great.

    What to pay attention to when choosing a slot game?

    There are tons of options when it comes to choosing an online slot game. To help you choose the right one, there are tons of factors you need to pay attention to before you decide. The experts at Megaways Slots have put together these important factors to make your decision easier.

    1. Theme

    Slot games should have an excellent story in addition to being fun. The only way you can enjoy these is by picking a slot with a fantastic theme, great aesthetics, and unique sounds that immerse you in the game's theme.

    2. Payouts

    Payouts refer to the maximum amount you can win when playing an online slot. This amount varies from one game to the other, so you need to read about the online slot you’re playing.

    3. Look out for volatility

    Slot games come in different levels of volatility including:

    • Low volatility slots: The lot volatility slots offer players small but frequent wins while they play. An excellent slot in this category is Starburst by NetEnt.
    • Mid volatility slots: These are slots that are between the low volatility and high volatility slots. The wins on these slots range from small to medium-sized prizes that players get often. Flame Busters by Thunderkick is a great mid volatility slot.
    • High volatility slots: These are slots on which players can win large prizes but only occasionally. It is an excellent option for players who enjoy taking risks. Book of Dead by Play’n Go is a well-known high volatility slot.

    4. Pay attention to RTP

    The Return to Player (RTP) is a technical term representing the percentage of the total amount staked on a slot that is paid out to players. The higher the RTP of a slot, the better your chances of winning.

    Some slots with high RTP include:

    • Zeus Lightning: Power Reels by Red Tiger with 97.73% RTP.
    • Marching Legions by Relax Gaming with 98.12% RTP.
    • Book of 99 by Relax Gaming with 99% RTP.

    Play them and 1,000 other high RTP games at Megaways Slots Casino.

    6. What’s your budget?

    Online slots in the UK offer players more chances of winning the more they bet. However, you must have a budget when playing these slots. Based on the budget you set for each session, you must calculate how much you should stake on each spin on the slot.

    What Types of Online Slots are out there in the UK?

    There are several types of slot games at UK casinos and learning about them is essential. In this section, we introduce the different classes with their subcategories. You should note that slot games in the UK will fall under at least one subcategory of each class.

    Number of reels

    The first classification of slot games in the UK is based on the number of reels they have. The number of reels on an online slot determines the number of paylines available on the slot. Here are the subcategories you can find:

    • 3-Reel Slots

    The 3-reel slots are the earliest and most straightforward version of slot games. Most 3-reel slots are single payline slots with a classic slot design.

    • 5-Reel Slots

    5-reel slots are digital slots that eliminate the use of levers and mechanical reels. These slots have a better jackpot and increased paylines when compared with the 3-reel slots.

    • 7-Reel Slots

    These are slots whose higher number of reels provide more ways to win and unique gameplay. They are available in 7x3, 7x4, and other layout formats.

    Game Type

    • Classic Slots

    The classic slots or one-armed bandits are simple, single-line slots that feature a 3-reel design. Most classic slots feature fruit, Lucky 7, and bell symbols.

    • Video Slots

    Video slots are slots that eliminate the mechanical reels and levers for the digital screens and controls. The slots have excellent sound, graphics, and gameplay that place them above the classic slots.

    • 3D Slots

    These are slots that feature 3D elements in the background design, symbols, reels, and so on.

    • Fruit Slots

    Fruit slots are simple online slots that feature fruit symbols on a 3 or 5 reel structure. These games often have a classic slot design, with no bonus features for players and are great for veteran players.

    • Progressive Jackpot Slots

    Progressive jackpots slots are slots that feature a jackpot that increases as players bet on the game. These slots are usually on a network, and the value of the jackpot resets to its original value every time a player claims the amount in the pool.

    • Megaways Slots

    These slots use the Megaways mechanic that changes the number of rows on each reel after a spin. This feature causes the paylines to change, with Megaways slots having up to 117,649 ways to win.

    • Cluster Slots

    The cluster slots are slots on which players can win by forming a cluster of symbols on the reels. These clusters consist of four or more symbols touching each other.

    • Multi Payline

    Unlike the classic slots with single paylines, the multi payline slots offer numerous ways to win. The paylines on this slot vary depending on the developer, but it is common to find slots with 20, 50, 243, or even more ways to win. 

    You can play all of these slot games on our platform for real money. If you make a minimum deposit of £10, you stand a chance to benefit from our outstanding welcome offer of up to 500 free spins to play selected slots (Full Terms and Conditions Apply). 

    Is there a Way To Increase Your Chances of Winning Slot Games UK?

    Slot games don’t require technical skills, neither are there strategies that will surely ensure you win. However, it is possible to improve your chances of winning. Thus, we put together this section to provide some helpful tips on how you can do this with minimal effort.

    1. Read our reviews

    The reviews we provide are not only informative, but they also eliminate the work involved in assessing various online slots. You can learn about the themes, bonus features, graphics, RTP, volatility, and other essential statistics of a slot title in our reviews.

    2. Learn from Streamers

    When you have time to relax, you can use this opportunity to learn a few things about your favourite slot games. The easiest way to do this is by watching streamers play these games, which gives you an idea of what to expect when you try it out.

    Some popular streamers you can follow include:

    • ClassyBeef

    3. Is there such a thing as a “slot strategy”

    No, but yes. No strategy guarantees you a win on an online slot, but you can take specific steps to protect your bankroll. One action you can take is to adjust your bet value based on your budget. Another step is to learn excellent money management skills in slots. This includes responsible gaming habits, controlling your bet sizes, and choosing low volatility slots.

    How do Slot Games work?

    Slot games have similar gameplay, and learning about some standard slot features will give you a great understanding of how these games work. Here are a few important aspects of slot games that help them work.

    • Paylines

    Paylines are the patterns you need to form to get a win on a slot. Some slots also allow you to choose how many paylines you intend to bet on – this can increase or reduce your potential win.

    • Wild symbols

    The wild symbol on a slot can replace any symbol (except the scatter) on your reel. When playing a slot, the wild symbol comes in handy in helping you form a winning pattern.

    • Scatters

    Scatter symbols on slots provide a payout regardless of where they land on the reel. On most slots with bonus rounds, landing three or more scatter symbols trigger the bonus round.

    • If you are lucky, you might have triggered a bonus round!

    Bonus rounds are standard on most online slots, and you can learn about them in the info section of the game. On most slots, landing three or more scatter symbols will trigger a bonus round.

    • Free spins

    On some slots, the bonus round may be the free spins round. On others, they are separate features. The number of free spins you get will depend on the slot you're playing, and these allow you to enjoy the game at no additional cost.

    • The difference between the Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot

    The jackpot on a slot machine refers to the top prize a player can win when playing a slot, and it is usually fixed. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases based on the amount players stake on the slot.

    4. Practice for free!

    Practice gives you an edge when playing online slots. Through practice, you learn what to expect while playing with real money, the bonuses, and other slot features. You can practice slot games in the UK on various sites, like review platforms, on the developers’ websites and such.

    The Slot Game Providers You Should Pay Attention To

    Slot providers are the developers responsible for providing slot games and coming up with new, unique mechanics to make slots more fun. Some of these providers that power some of the best online casinos, while others make it possible to find free online slots. Some of the slot providers behind many of the best titles include:

    1. NetEnt: This is the developer behind popular titles like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst with games in other categories like Roulette, Blackjack, and more.
    2. Microgaming: This provider stole the hearts of many players for triggering the launch of the first online casino in addition to its extensive collection of games.
    3. Playtech: Another excellent developer with a game catalogue that consists of slots, bingo, poker, and more.
    4. IGT: Before making its mark as an online slots developer, IGT was already a household name for its excellent physical slot machines design.

    You can find games from these providers and other leaders on our platform. Simply go through our collection of slot games to play any release from the game developer you like.

    Join us and Enjoy Thousands of Online Slots

    Online slots are casino games that are easy to understand and fun to play. A huge benefit of the online slots is the possibility of finding several games with unique features that provide varying gameplay from other titles. You can play slot games and other casino games on our platform for real money. If you deposit at least £10, you can leverage our awesome welcome offer of up to 500 free spins to play slot games (Full Terms and Conditions Apply). Discover more from our promotions page.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Slot Games

    How do online slots work?

    Online slots work by spinning reels using a digital lever. While the reels are in motion, the RNG is triggered, and this determines the positions and symbols that appear when the reels come to rest.

    How to play slots online?

    To play online slots, the first step is to visit a licensed online casino and launch the game you intend to play. You can then place a bet and spin the reels to see if you land a winning pattern.

    What online slots pay real money?

    All online slots pay real money, but you need to stake real money for this to happen on our platform.

    How to win at online slots?

    There is a clear-cut approach to win on an online slot. This is the beauty of the RNG. The only way to gain an advantage is by picking a slot with high RTP and low volatility.

    What are the best online slots to play?

    Every player has his/her preferences, but the best online slots are those with the highest RTP.

    Where can I play slots online for free?

    To play slots online for free, you need to visit a casino or platform that offers demo games.

    Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, £8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

    *All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to the slot games are subject to change at any time.